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Find inner peace with this new meditative strategy game

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Published 23 Jan 2019

[cont'd] rectangles and squares will score points as you propel your counter around the scoring circle. At the same time you can block and break up your opponent's shapes to control the flow of the game while trapping and removing any opposing pieces and sending them back to the start. Every 15th scoring point can see your counter playing as a piece that can be used to create more scoring shapes. 

There's one final trick to this unique and mind calming game however and it will require your mind to work its magic as you move closer to your ultimate goal. You will have to plan your final moves carefully as Ambit requires you to score an exact 60 points in order to win. If you go over that score you will have to start all over again in order to complete your circle. 

Ambit is one of those games that, initially, seems quite simple to play. However, it will take all your skill and brain power to master this game. You might have to put yourself into a meditative state to work out your final moves and to keep your opponent at bay. There are several playing options here. You can play one on one against a friend or you can test your skills and your strategy by playing online against other would be experts from all over the world. Ambit is available now for iPhone and iPad at the App Store. As the...