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Developer description

Ambulance drivers have to master driving and parking skills as most of the times they need to reach a difficult location. In “Ambulance Simulator” you get to experience how difficult it is to drive and park an ambulance, but you also get to have fun with its realistic controls.

This game allows you to control your ambulance in a real parking lot by using an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration/brake pedals and shift gears. With “Ambulance Simulator” you get to practice parking skills while benefiting from features such as these ones:
- 3D cars and environments that look great and also let you experience your orientation in space
- 30 different levels that start with very easy tasks but evolve to difficult parking scenarios
- Dynamic camera views that let you change the angle of display with simple tap-hold-drag controls
- Realistic gameplay as you have to turn the on-screen wheel to change direction, tap on acceleration or break or shift the gear (between forward and backward)

Do you like parking games with 3D environments? Then you’ll have fun with “Ambulance Simulator” as the game will let you do just that and is available for free on Google Play ( ).

Last updated 14 Jun 2014