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The multi award winning co-parenting app to ensure your children thrive in separation

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One of the biggest adjustments you and your ex will make when you separate is the transition ... More

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Published 11 Feb 2021

In the UK it's reckoned that over 40% of marriages end in divorce. Mind you, if you think that's a worrying figure, it rises to about 50% in the US. Add to that the number of couples who aren't even married and you can see that there's a big problem out there...and I haven't even brought up the number of people who have simply separated. So, what happens to the kids of divorced or separated couples? I've lost count of the number of stories I've read about kids who go downhill when parents decide to go their separate ways. Some parents go to therapy while others simply try to do their best. The bottom line is that separation is one of the most traumatic events that a family can go through in their lifetime.

So it comes down to co-parenting and that is something that isn't easy for anyone to cope with. While both sides obviously want their children to do well, it's not an easy thing to achieve with parents going through the various stages of ending their relationship. Well now help is on the way. There's a new British iOS and Android app on the market called Amicable Coparenting that helps with many of the co-parenting problems that may arise. The app is designed by a mixture of experts in the field as well as experienced co-parents and delivers multiple sets of tools and sensible advice to...