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The multi award winning co-parenting app to ensure your children thrive in separation

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Published 11 Feb 2021

[cont'd] make life simpler and better organised with the aim of making life better for both parents and children. 

This multi-award winning app is Britain's most trusted divorce and separation service and has been featured in The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph as well as the BBC because of its comprehensive feature list. It's the only app of its kind that includes human support alongside it's plethora of well-designed tools. It was designed to help guide both parents and children through the tricky divorce and separation process and to help them make it through to the other side with the minimum of damage. Once BOTH parents have signed up they get access to the most comprehensive set of co-parenting features on the planet. 

Amicable's features include the most important one of all: the ability to book coaching sessions with experts who can help parents navigate the tricky route of co-parenting their children after separation or divorce. However, there's plenty more on offer here. For a start, there's an online family calendar that both parents share. This helps both sides keep track of their kids' lives including daily events like school drop-offs and pickups, dental and medical appointments, after school parties and school holiday activities as well as other important events like family birthdays. Parents can also share their 'goals' for the future so that everyone is on the same page. The app also features a secure private messaging service to...