Developer description

Made with love and sass, this collection of 60 stickers is made to be free for all iOS users. With a wide array of some pretty charming Aminals, this sticker pack is made to be used in everyday conversation to show just how you would react but in Aminal form. Send these stickers via iMessage to someone who loves animals or stickers and they'll probably compliment your excellent taste in adorable animal stickers. Another option is to send them to someone who hates stickers or animals to see them slowly get converted to the other side!

The stickers themselves can be sent alone as a text or attached to any previous text/image and you can change the size and rotate it. Pretty amazing stuff!

Don't see a sticker you want? Feel free to suggest more via a review or through the Facebook page, the sticker pack is updated regularly based on suggestions and ideas of users!

Last updated 14 Nov 2016

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