Developer description

There are always the cases when student want to join course but has to encounter time and location constrains. Considering this limitation into mind our solution is custom designed to help people remove the barrier and make the learning process simple and convenient. To know more and for demonstration of product, please contact us. We provide education providers with infrastructure to be able to teach students online. There are many course management tools which you will find very useful. Course material can be easily uploaded in the form of video, presentations, pictures, pdf, spreadsheets and any other types of documents one may use. Students can be assigned to the course and with provided login credentials can review the course material as well as take examinations. The services infrastructure is built utilizing the latest computer cloud technology which means one need not install any software or keep track of updates. All one need is a browser to be able to access our services anywhere in the world. Our software and services are the best of breed and are very competitive. Everything is maintained by us so that you one can concentrate on teaching. Our product is very intuitive and one can learn to use and navigate it easily. The software provides the ability to perform online evaluation of students. This gives a clear picture about how a student is performing. At the same time it provides the students an ability to ask questions and conduct group discussions, create their online notes, ask questions, etc. As you know the online learning has substantial advantages over the classroom model: * The course material is maintained online and is easily accessible for editing. * Students can learn at their own pace and comfort level. * Students can communicate with the teachers without interference of peer pressure. * They can perform group activities and collaborate on group assignments. * Flexibility of content delivery for teachers is very high. Please feel free to visit the products section of our website If you are available for a demo of the product we would be very happy to show and explain the product to you and answer your questions concurrently. During the demo we can go over the features of the product and will show you the benefits of using our services. We believe our product will enable one to teach more efficiently and with convenience.

Last updated 29 May 2012