Developer description

Amplifr is a social media scheduling and analytics platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, e-commerces, media companies and advertising agencies.

It works with most major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Vimeo and Youtube. It also works with messenger channels (public chats): Viber and Telegram.

It's available on desktop (web), mobile and tablets. We're working on the iOS app now.

Amplifr is ideal for agencies and medium sized companies: you can create as many projects as you want and invite your team or clients to collaborate on your content plan without any additional charge.

Amplifr has it's own analytics engine along with content planning. In fact, Amplifr is the first social conversion tracking platform: it tracks conversions per post, integrates with Google Analytics, link shortening services and so on.

Analytics data is available online in Amplifr, via weekly and monthly digest email, or via Excel Export.

Amplifr has 2 weeks trial, no card required. After that it's $5 per social media profile connected per month.

Use promo code AmplifrFeedmyapp at the Billing page for a 20% discount for 3 months!

Last updated 20 Feb 2017

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