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Published 21 Sep 2011

If you’re a business owner that’s happy just looking at the bottom line when the bookkeeper hands you the accounts then fine. If however you’d like some detail on what the figures mean in relation to all the other data plus their likely impact on the future of the company then you should look at this site.

You can pay accountants to prepare impressive looking financial analysis at some cost but with Analysis-one anybody capable of entering numbers into prepared templates can generate just about everything needed to drill down into every aspect of past, current and projected financial performance. What’s more the sites tools use the standard performance measures used by the accountants anyway.

By entering the numbers on your balance sheet and P&L account the financial analysis you’ll get back is comprehensive to say the least and includes analysis explanations too. As well as a note on margins, liquidity and gearing you’ll get the story on payables, receivables and inventory turn and the return on equity as well.

The site can also be used for non-financial analysis including the measurement of key performance indicators like lead conversion and client satisfaction. On top of that you can use the what-if function to help visualize the effect of changes on defined areas of financial performance.

With the ability to monitor the actual value of your business on a regular basis plus all of the functions above you’ll have access to a wide choice of analysis to suit your particular needs. And with a varied scale of monthly subscription plans you can choose the functions that best suit your budget.

An impressive set of tools covering all areas relevant to business owners looking to get inside the detail of the numbers without the cost of an accountant.

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