Developer description

Analyzify offers a seamless and accurate data analytics setup for Shopify merchants. It includes data layers, a Google Tag Manager connection, and integrations with over 20 parties.

Analyzify connects Shopify stores with Google Analytics 4 and makes all eCommerce reports available. Google Ads conversion tracking and re-marketing setup are also included.

It comes with a setup and validation service and advanced support. If you are not familiar with Google Tag Manager and all the other parties; Analyzify team will happily handle your setup and help you with understanding.

Your data becomes more reliable and accurate. Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics numbers will get much closer to each other and you will be attributing more and more purchases with the sources.

Analyzify team also offers a data analytics audit. They check your existing setup and help you with the decisions accordingly.

Analyzify helps you become an empowered Shopify business as you rely on the most relevant and latest data that enables you to improve your sales and marketing strategies leading to better conversion rates and return of investment (ROI).

- A complete and tailored Google Tag Manager setup,
- The recently launched Google Analytics 4 setup,
- 24 key metrics are being sent via advanced dataLayers,
- 76 custom variables and metrics are being sent to Google Analytics,
- User-focused data points such as user recency, type, frequency, and more.

Last updated 8 Feb 2022

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