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We at Bayersoft design, create and enable true Web Desktop technologies focusing on "Anytime-Anywhere-Any Device" reducing TCO, increasing mobility and productivity of SaaS.

We are proud of our currently released "Ancyra Framework 5", with which you build enterprise-ready web applications, running on the browser of your choice.

Ancyra is a Web Desktop (sometimes called a Web OS or a Webtop or a cloud computer). It brings the convenience and comfort you know from classical desktop applications into your browser. Ancyra gives you a familiar work interface that looks the same whether you are working at your home computer, or remotely from a borrowed or public computer.

“Ancyra Desktop” part of Framework 5.x, contains the following components: Application Creator - Database Manager - File Manager - FTP Manager - Group Collaboration - Voice & Video Chat.

Ancyra Framework will create advanced web apps straight from your database. These web applications are rich with features, such as adaptive filtering, search form, data sheet view and edit form. You can download and test it. All you need is a database and IIS, and you can impress your customers and peers in a few minutes.
Your enterprise-class web app will be ready for immediate deployment to your own server, shared, or dedicated hosting provider.

Please feel free to go to our homepage and register as a tester, download our software and test it. Your feedback is very important to us.

Last updated 24 Jun 2016

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