Developer description

AneHelpsStartups is a boutique agency focusing on developing mobile apps for journalists and for public relations practionners. It also offers kick-start public relations, social media an branding packages aimed specifically to bring startups and small businesses to market..
It is designed to assist startups and communication specialists and is aimed at servicing other startup lacking the skills of marketing, branding and communications.

We stand apart from other agencies through our development of mobile apps. Most agencies are focused on obtaining the largest amount of clients all at once. We are focus on building slowly and strongly and providing quality at an affordbable cost. While offering branding and strategies services to startups, we will simultaneously develop affordable and easy to use mobile apps for communication industry.

Startup founders often lack the skills and tools of defined storytelling. Too often startup founders have excellent educational pedigree but lack the marketing and communication skills to make their story palatable and attractive to others.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015