Developer description

Baby Learning App with HD graphics!!! Brought to you by Creasel Media Private Limited. Animals HD app will teach babies animal names and the sounds animals make through interaction with engaging animations and sound effects! Baby can tap on each Animal to play sound, names etc. All with interactive animations and sound effects! This app is designed for babies 6 months and up. Tap to interact with Animals. On tapping Animals will animate & you will hear their name. Animals HD application has three types of animals. Each category has handmade graphics animals.
Animal Contents:
Wild Animals - 10 animals
1. Bear
2. Camel
3. Deer
4. Elephant
5. Fox
6. Giraffe
7. Kangaroo
8. Lion
9. Rhinoceros
10. Zebra
Domestic Animals - 10 animals.
1. Buffalo
2. Bull
3. Cat
4. Cow
5. Dog
6. Donkey
7. Goat
8. Hen
9. Horse
10. Pig
Flying Birds – 10 Birds
1. Crow
2. Duck
3. Owl
4. Parrot
5. Peacock
6. Pigeon
7. Rooster
8. Sparrow
9. Stork
10. Toucan
We have done a lot of hard work to produce these smooth & HD graphics. By purchasing this app your baby will enter the new funny world of animals! With next update we will add Animals Sounds!

Last updated 22 Mar 2015