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500,000 downloads has reached ibisPaint X, which is a painting
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Published 11 May 2013

You can't deny the success of an app that has had a half a million downloads so far. ibisPaint X is a painting and drawing app for iOS that has consistently proven to be the pinnacle of this type of artistic tools and succeeds primarily for a couple of reasons. This version, geared towards the Anime style of Japanese animation, works with various online drawing implements like iPen and gives a detailed YouTube instructional video that shows you just how the specific anime painting was constructed. Add this unique feature to its easy social sharing capability and it's easy to see why ibisPaint X is at the top of its field.
500,000 downloads is one hell of a lot of downloads, even for a painting app. ibisPaint X uses natural-touch brushes to help you reproduce great anime pictures but the secret of its popularity is in its playback feature - a functionality that isn't to be found in any other painting application. This allows you to play a video showing you exactly how a painting was made and is the perfect companion for learning how to paint. What's more, if you download the data from the website at and then play it on your device, you can adjust the playback speed so you can see every paint stroke that you need to make and see in detail how the painting was created. Another great feature is its social sharing functionality. Just press one...