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Greate great presentations for your students on iPad using writing, drawing and your voice.

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AniMoby revolutionizes teaching with an iPad by turning the tablet into a MOBILE CLASSROOM. ... More

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Published 11 Sep 2013

Ever since the introduction of the iPad it has been hailed as the missing link between your computer and your iPhone. There are many apps that simply wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the tablet format because of its size, it's robustness and it's all round user-friendliness. AniMoby Standard offers yet another brilliant concept by virtually turning your iPad into a mobile classroom in a second. It lets you create fabulous looking and quick presentations and lessons using an interactive whiteboard where you can simply write, draw, vocalize and share your pages easily with your students.
AniMoby revolutionizes teaching for iPad by turning your tablet into a mobile classroom where you can speak, write and share lessons or presentations with your students. Use AniMoby offers a unique array of great tools that you can use in various combinations of recorded voice and drawing and writing design tools to present your project in an interactive whiteboard. This combination makes AniMoby the perfect product for the creation of user-friendly presentations and lessons that teachers can send to any student with internet connection so that they can view them anytime they like and anywhere they are. Unlike other interactive whiteboard apps, AniMoby does not use video file formats so the file sizes are small and can be saved and shared easily. AniMoby also features a clipart library that is designed to help teachers create great visual lessons. This isn't an app that is limited to teaching though...