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Greate great presentations for your students on iPad using writing, drawing and your voice.

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Published 11 Sep 2013

[cont'd] and people from a variety of professions will benefit from it. Business professionals can create high-quality presentations using an iPad and share them with clients as well as their customers around the world. You've seen those sporting teams that hold boards up during breaks to design plays for their teams? Think how AniMoby could come in useful for your local team. If you consider yourself an artist you will undoubtedly have already seen the possibilities of an app like this in a creative sense. Two versions of AniMoby are available – AniMoby Pro and AniMoby Standard. AniMoby Pro provides the most enhanced AniMoby experience and includes unlimited recording durations and access to a larger library of templates and clipart. In the Pro Version, animations can also be sent privately to others and use of the app is free of advertisements. In the Standard version, recordings are limited to two minutes, the template and clipart library is limited and advertisements will be featured. AniMoby Pro is now being offered for a one-time payment of $7.99.
Undoubtedly there will be many similar apps that come along to match Animoby and have even more sophisticated tools but this one will do me very nicely for now thank you. The app provides a wonderful and simple opportunity to turn your iPad into a learning module par excellence and adds something that most similar apps don't have...vocal capabilities. The standard free edition of the app includes enough features...