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Get the newest protection from viruses and malware on your Mac

Macs are not invincible, even if they are less attacked than other devices

Everyone knows that Macs are not hackers favourite target for malware and viruses, but this not makes them safe and secured at all.
Even if you don’t care about being infected with keylogger malware because: "You have nothing to hide..,". It’s still possible to get a far worst kind of malware: ransomware, password theft, stolen backups, or be part of a scam. In those unfortunate cases, things might end very bad for you due to identity theft, loss of money or private/sensitive information.
Only good antivirus software will protect your Mac on all of these aspects.
There are many antivirus solutions that offer a decent level of protection, but only a few do a surprisingly good job.
Today`s new candidate does exactly that kind of a good job

Stright out of its London`s headquarters comes Antivirus Sniper for Mac, this new piece of cybersecurity is owned and developed by a relatively new company on the stage of digital security: SniperGuard Ltd. But, don`t mistakenly think that if they are new are less good than others, because that will be a misconception. We spoke with their head of security and we were glad to find out that the team behind Antivirus Sniper have a strong background in active cybersecurity. Their newest product does an excellent job on active renascence against malware, ransomware, potentially-unwanted-apps, and additional fraud and scam-related threats.
We have tested Antivirus Sniper and we found out that this software is exactly for those who just want a set-it-and-forget-it antivirus for Mac.
Let`s just say that if you want simple virus protection that you can count on Antivirus Sniper is a good pick, and we are not the only ones who have this opinion. When OPSWAT professionals tested it they awarded this newest and robust antivirus with GOLD status malware protection which means you are safe and secure by choosing it.
Its most valuable feature is the active threat recon
During our testing, Antivirus Sniper was able to neutralize a threat before it can do damage. That means preventing the installation, or execution of malicious software form key locations used by hackers to deliver malicious content like the Mac Downloads folder.
This great AV suite will also monitor certain filesystem for certain kinds of changes in order to stop auto propagating threats like Ransomware, which is malware that will rapidly encrypt user files like documents and mailboxes and then delete the originals.

Aside from this active recon protection feature, they offer each client enterprise-class tailored customer support 24/7, meaning that wherever you are in the world if you encounter a security problem with your mac and you are one of their clients, one of their security specialists will be there to help you.... just wow!!! How great is that?

Do you have privacy concerns?
Antivirus Sniper product may upload certain malware related logs only with user interaction, it does not upload by its will and will never send private information to its makers. When it was made, the team behind it was all aware of users privacy concerns and the latest privacy-related scandals from the industry, meaning that they have made the strong and bold choice to respect every end-user privacy and not to cross the thin line of making a profit from its clients' private data.

Last updated 21 Apr 2021

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