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AnyAP automates invoice management and accounts payable processing. Our web-based application ... More

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Published 25 Jan 2012

What's the job in the office that you hate most? Accounts, right?  It's also the job that's the hardest to fill when you advertise. You tend to end up with some grumpy retired guy who doesn't really fit in with the rest of the team. And what happens if he's sick for the week or goes on holiday? You are stumped, aren't you? If you are a small business it might not be a full-time position anyway. If only there was an automated system that would take care of everything. Well AnyAP fills that position. This accounting application automates the invoice management and accounts payable process whilst enforcing best practices, preventing errors and comes with built-in compliance.

AnyAP is far faster and more reliable and cost-effective than traditional paper-based accounts payable departments. It is more robust than plug-and-play software for your AP department and far more customizable than a complete AP outsourcing alternative. AnyAP's comprehensive, scalable Internet-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) accounts payable solution integrates with their U.S.-based team to automate your accounts payable processing in a way that offers you greater convenience and control. That control frees you and your staff from mundane tasks and gives you more time to focus on business strategies. The result is lower invoice processing costs, shorter cycle times, increased visibility and access to a greater variety of reports on demand. Accounts payable includes tax payments and AnyAP  provides innovative and effective taxation specific software that's backed up with superior customer service. So how does it work? Invoices are sent to AnyAP from suppliers. You have access over the Internet, clear approval authority, improved reporting and seamless integration into your system. Automating accounts payable provides many of the benefits of outsourcing while keeping you in control. AnyAP's solution automates most of the accounts payable processing workflow, including invoice capture, invoice handling and invoice storage. This allows you to approve invoices without the time intensive tasks associated with accounts payable processing.
Accounting...that's what AnyAP does. They don't claim to do anything else any that's why they know the best way to handle it. While specializing in automated accounts payable for small to medium sized businesses, some of their clients are the biggest corporations and institutions in the world. When you think of the amount of time and money that you spend on accounting you will probably  see the advantage of using an app like AnyAP. Not only is it totally secure and audit friendly but it also adapts itself to your business stratagem and proves an efficient and cost-effective solution to keeping your books straight.

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