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Relive your favorite movie moments, or discover new ones! AnyClip lets you search for and find ... More

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Published 11 Nov 2011

Well the idea behind AnyClip is brilliant. Being able to locate and watch any moment from any movie instantaneously would be a really cool idea. It's certainly a pain to find a specific scene you want to see on the DVD unless it states it in the chapters. Chances are you might be able to find it on YouTube but we all know how long it can take to find the right scene in that minefield. AnyClIp is a movie search tool that let's you search for, find and watch your favorite clips from your favorite movies. What's more, you can do it fast and you can do it for free.
AnyClip believes that movies define us. I think it was Steve Martin in Grand Canyon who offered the thought provoking line "All of life's problems are answered in the movies." Well if that is true it would be a pretty good idea to be able to put your finger on the exact quote  you need whenever and wherever you are. AnyClip lets you relive your favorite movie moments or discover new ones! There are millions of movie clips floating around on the Internet. Sometimes it feels like if you can only wade through all the different versions of the clip you'll finally find the moment that you've been searching for. Now imagine finding the clip easily and quickly and that's pretty well what AnyClip does. The real secret is giving you the power and the freedom to search for any moment within a film. Not just the famous scene, not just the line of dialog that everyone knows, you can search for any moment that matters to you. AnyClip lets you search for and find memorable movie clips and share them with friends.

The idea behind AnyClip is excellent. I like the idea of being able to access that classic scene and sharing it with my friends. Now I do have a bit of a bugbear with AnyClip though as I would have thought some all time classic scenes like the 'eleven' clip from Spinal Tap and the closing scene from Ferris Bueller would be in there but sadly, all you get is the trailer. Some improvement might be the go there. Apart from that it's an easy to use movie search tool with a lot of potential.

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