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Access code is the preconfigured easy way to accept SMS payments on your website. It gives your ... More

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Published 20 Oct 2011

If you’re selling digital content on your website then giving customers every possible payment option has to be the way forward. adds the choice of paying via a mobile phone which in this day and age is many people’s preferred tool for doing practically everything.

There are several solution packages available but the Access Code feature is probably the one of interest to the majority. This preconfigured way of accepting SMS payments takes just minutes to implement with no additional coding issues to worry about. The service currently covers 60 mobile carriers in 32 countries.

Visitors to your site may have any number of reasons for wanting to pay by mobile phone. They could have a deep concern about divulging personal financial details like credit card numbers or quite simply they may just not have access to that method of payment.  Either way can overcome the issue and by doing so could drive more traffic to your site.

Users choosing the phone option click on the pay button and receive a keyword along with a short number. They then send the keyword as an SMS message to the number given and the mobile provider charges their account. Upon confirmation that the payment is covered reply to the SMS with a unique code which the user can then enter into the website and access whatever it is they’re purchasing.

For sellers the pay out of all sums charged by this method can be either...