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Wanna create your own version of YouTube? Check this out.

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api.video is a scalable microservice that developers can implement with only a few lines of ... More

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Published 16 Jul 2018

Have you ever wanted to create your own version of YouTube, Hulu, WebTV... or Netflix, if it comes to that? You'd think that you'd have to take a course in coding and empty out the bank balance to have even half a chance of getting there, wouldn't you? However, with technology these days hitting new heights and being improved on every day, it's now possible to broadcast any number of long form videos for a small sum and  by utilising just a few lines of code. Because the camera is considered to be the new keyboard these days, the developer's mission was to make everyone's content accessible to and for everyone.

api.video is a scalable microservice that gives developers the opportunity to implement a richer form of communication into websites using a minimal amount of effort. It lets users create a webservice with an API that's based on the REST standard while its cloud infrastructure allows them to host and broadcast videos worldwide thanks to its CDN. This API can encode on the go and facilitates immediate playback for viewers, enhancing viewer experience across multiple devices and platforms.

The app takes all the complexity out of video management and you'll be up and running just minutes after signing up. It simplifies all possible problems and let's you quickly resolve any issues and solve errors by categorizing by type (eg HTTP) easily and quickly. It also accepts 4K broadcasts and can...