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Published 16 Jul 2018

[cont'd] adapt the stream for any network. What's more, you can broadcast anywhere you wish. Encoding and delivery are optimized to guarantee your videos will stream to any screen and be delivered in the best possible quality. No matter what the screen, the size, the quality, or the bitrate, api.video can manage it for you. In regards to money, you just pay for the amount of minutes that your videos last. Encoding is charged at $0.03 per minute, hosting is $0.02 per minute per month and streaming is priced at $0.004 per minute.

This webservice was specifically built because there was a need for a place where any number of long tail, on-demand videos could be easily broadcast and curated. It was also built to answer the trickiest video and streaming needs. The API documentation was written for quick and easy integration into the user's application or service. Technical protocol is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all data is secured, regulated, and hosted in compliance with EU law. All videos are secured using AES 128bit encryption and the developer guarantee to only share the decoding key with authorized people.

api.video was built to deal with the most demanding video and streaming needs and allows users to embrace and offer a richer form of communication to its clients. It offers easy integration with their development framework and even deals with SDK clients. The app's SDKs simplify the...