Developer description

With one epic story unfolding over three types of workout, this is a new immersive narrative exercise experience to give you the speed, strength, and control you need to get Apocalypse Ready.

Step into an alien invasion comedy-adventure storyline in which you are the main character of a binaural audio drama with a full cast, action-packed soundtrack, and dramatic sound design to transport you into an apocalypse only you can bring to an end.

Start with a running episode to meet your handler Skyler, collect your survival team and receive your mission.

Continue with a bodyweight circuits episode under the tuition of ballistic Drill Sergeant Hardman who swaps sweat for intel, followed by a mindful yoga and stretch session with super-gran Beatrice, before tackling the next running session.

Throughout the workouts, help Skyler uncover who is responsible for the invasion and keep the rest of the team safe from the many dangers encountered along the way.

If you’ve never laughed through your push-ups or run for your life with an unnecessarily irate alien snapping on your heels, try out this exertainment app combining entertainment with exercise to make working out fun!

Last updated 13 Oct 2020