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Published 22 Dec 2011

It's got to the point now that everybody in business has a business card and they pretty well all look exactly the same. There have been attempts to radically alter the shape and design by creating 3D triangular business cards and all sorts of other shapes but they are really only gimmicks. Now that we have moved into the digital world with mobiles and apps ruling the roost it might be time to move onto a design more suited to those mediums. App2Card is a new advertising app for mobiles and tablets that creates impressive and unique business cards for iOS developers.
The problem with business cards is that sometimes you feel as if they’re all the same. However, with App2Card, iOS developers can literally create something that really resembles their own iOS app. The business cards produced by the service look just like application icons and can be designed to look like any given developer’s iOS app. And on the back of these business cards is a QR code and a shortened URL that can lead potential customers straight to the App Store and right to your application’s page. In custom mode developers can upload their own artwork and specify the URL and text to appear on the back of the card. The QR code is generated with a address which give access to stats and can come in very handy when you want some feedback figures on your promotion.  If you’re an iOS...