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APP4FOOD is a web app solution for restaurants and food outlets looking to interact directly ... More

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Published 18 Jul 2013

Anyone in the food business will know that the restaurant industry is hardly booming these days. New restaurants and food outlets seem to come and go with a remarkable regularity and anything that make it easier to connect with customers has got to be applauded. One advance that has been made in the last couple of years though, has been the introduction of an online presence for the food industry and that's where this marketing application  for mobiles could come in very handy. App4Food let's individual food businesses interact directly with their potential diners by producing a personalized mobile app that offers the foodie everything from menus to secure payment options.
App4Food is a web app solution for restaurants and takeaway food outlets who are looking to interact directly with their customers through a mobile app. It offers customers a personal service, whenever and wherever they are. The app is supported by a full management system giving the restaurant complete control over the content, look and feel of their very own app. The app includes food menus, live table bookings, takeaway ordering, secure payment processing, mobile messaging and much more meaning that you can now offer every one of your customers an individual experience they will want to use over and over again. It gives you complete control over the content of your app and you can update your menus and prices as often as you like. To offer your customers the ultimate convenience, there is even a secure payment service and a 'click to buy' service, making takeaway ordering easy.  App4Food provides you with your own personal app, meaning you are not put in a list with hundreds of other stores in your area, and most importantly, your customers come  directly to you rather than through a third party. The app also allows you to capture important information about your customers to improve their individual experience of your restaurant. App4Food provides full training for your staff to get you started.
What has really held small restaurants and takeaways back when it comes to extending their presence in the online world has been the cost and the time involved. App4Food negates those two problems with this food specific app that can be personalized to your own brand and design. This easy to use app is remarkably easy to use and offers all the basics you need to provide a mobile option to your customers. It also gives you the chance to keep in contact with your loyal customers and is a cheap as well as logical way for food stores to move into the 21st Century.

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