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Create your private and secure mobile application store : forever free trial plan!

The benefits in having your own Enterprise App Store :
- Share your apps with your team during development
- Share your apps with your customers privately
- Distribute your private mobile apps within your company

Create your app store in 60 seconds. It is easy and simple with Appaloosa-Store, a SaaS mobile application : no credit card required.

Appaloosa Store is a mobile application management to help companies and IT staffs developing, deploying and managing entreprise mobile application.

Start distributing and sharing your private mobile application!

- Platform supported : iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web App
- Jenkins Plugin
- Private App Store
- Easy upload & easy install
- Instant Upload and Install Apps
- Notive Mobile Client
- Apps Rating System (users feedback)
- Custom Store Colors
- Download Statistics & Analytics
- Push notifications
- Multi store & Multi groupe for better distribution and analytics
- Device Management
- Easy ad hoc distribution

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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