Developer description

appbackr is the first and only digital wholesale marketplace for the iPhone and iPad application market. By applying the time-honored wholesale model to the digital age, we solve common funding and distribution problems of application developers. Developers sell units of an app to buyers on our marketplace, giving developers immediate funds prior to final iTunes Store sale and even generating additional revenue. With a vested interest in the success of the app, wholesale buyers play a key role in aiding distribution of the product and promoting retail sales. We make this easier still with the innovative use of social media tools and more.
appbackr members share many of our own attributes, working tirelessly to bring great ideas to fruition. Countless developers and eager wholesale buyers have informed everything we’ve done from the very beginning. We take care of all funds reconciliation and distribution on our marketplace via PayPal, enabling our members to do what they do best- create and market iTunes apps.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011