Developer description

Created by a top mobile app design and development agency, AppBlade provides a platform that can manage mobile applications, users, and devices in one convenient tool. The UI and interactions were developed to provide the power that technical users require, but still make it user-friendly for users of all technical skill levels. When connected to common tools (CI, GitHub, JIRA, BugZill, HipChat, and many more) AppBlade will completely automate the process of capturing builds, deploying them to devices, capturing feedback/crash reports/statistics, keeping applications updated, sending information back to other 3rd party tools, and removing applications from devices following testing. AppBlade even has it's own full-stack mobile device management capabilities for companies with legal, compliance, or security concerns. All you need to worry about is coding your app. AppBlade handles the rest. This frees up a significant amount of time and allows your to create the highest quality mobile app possible. AppBlade supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Linux (DEB/RPM based), Windows Desktop, and OSX, and is available as either a cloud-based solution or installed on-site behind your firewall.

Last updated 8 Apr 2014