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Appfail is a cloud-based error monitoring service. It enables organizations to discover, ... More

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Published 29 Nov 2012

To steal from David Fincher's excellent film Fight Club, what's the first rule for your website? The answer is, of course, to never have any downtime. When your server or browser  is down and you don't know about it, there's a pretty good possibility that your visitors will go elsewhere and possibly not come back. Appfail is a cloud-based error monitoring system that enables online businesses to discover, diagnose and track failures in their websites and immediately let's  you know about it with an email or message straight to your device.
Organizations invest significant resources to encourage  customers and traffic to their web sites but then risk losing them due to unforeseen web site errors. With Appfail’s error detection and in-depth analytics, organizations can now know when their site fails and react quickly, to prevent impact to their business. Appfail brings rich visual analysis akin to Google Analytics to monitor website failure. In the past, the discovery and tracking of web failure has tended to be rather data heavy and cumbersome and consequently near ineffective. Many times, web failure is down to isolated incidents that you can do little about but this SaaS application focuses on the important ones - failures with the highest business and revenue impact, Appfail’s suite of analytics is designed to help developers and administrators quickly diagnose and address problems with real-time notifications to email or cell phones allowing administrators to know the moment there is a problem. Appfail’s website integration...