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Published 29 Nov 2012

[cont'd] is seamless and unseen to the end-user and takes only a couple of minutes to plug in Appfail and monitor your server and browsers for failures. Appfail monitors web servers built on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform (including WebForms, MVC and Web API). Unlike most failure monitoring solutions Appfail also supports JavaScript error monitoring. A user’s web browser is the too-often forgotten component. Browser failures often go unnoticed for long periods of time and present cryptic errors to users. With Appfail an administrator knows every time a user experiences a JavaScript failure in their browser. It will even identify the user individually so you can contact them and try to rebuild your online relationship.
Many similar downtime analytical applications tend to be a little over detailed and over complicated and cloud the issue so it's quite refreshing to come across one that concentrate on the more important ones. If you tried to solve every failure and problem that comes along with server and browser downtime you'd be up all night. Appfail analyzes everything but concentrates on the ones that affect your revenue intake. A message to your cell phone or an email is sent when problems arise and full analysis is right up there with the depth of Google Analytics. Appfail is an easy to use and cost effective way of keeping your website up and running and reduce downtime losses.