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A next generation wedding album where you can see all the photos taken at your wedding.

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AppilyWed is the easiest way to capture and share all your wedding photos instantly. Say goodbye ... More

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Published 16 Apr 2013

How could we possibly pass up on the opportunity to review a wedding photo app with a name as brilliant as AppilyWed. Believe me, there are some pretty average names out there for apps but this one is perfect. So does the app live up to the name, you ask? Well, luckily enough, this is an app that offers something new in the wedding photos concept. Up till now, this type of app has tended to be simply an online version of a traditional wedding album. Hardly a reason to switch formats as the traditional book style wedding album wins out every time. Where AppilyWed differs is that everyone who takes photos at the event can have their photos shared with all the guests via their Android and iPhone.  While you hire a photographer to take great official photos it's often the random ones from friends that make you go "wow."
AppilyWed is the easiest way to capture and share all your wedding photos instantly. Now, you can say goodbye to clunky and expensive disposable cameras and capture your wedding 21st century style on their smartphone. Your guests download the free iPhone or Android app and any picture they take is automatically saved and shared with you and all your wedding guests. Even if you don't have a smartphone it isn't a problem as you can easily upload your digital camera photos onto the website. For the bride and groom this is perfect as they can collect hundreds of photos of their special day from all the guests! All photos uploaded to AppilyWed will be in their original format so you get the best quality when you want to print out your wedding albums. What's more, you have total control over who can see your photos with these online albums and only guests you give permission to will have access to the photos. There are great extra features too. If you want your guests to have a copy of your wedding day’s schedule you can enter your schedule into the website and complete any other relevant details, such as the location, and have this information pushed onto your guests’ iPhone or Android app. Not only does AppilyWed do photos and slideshows, but it also shares schedules, maps, invitations and so much more.
AppilyWed really does offer something that most brides and grooms will be interested in. They get the chance to see all the photos that their friends take of their wedding. Some of them will be dreadful, of course, but we all know that there'll be one person who manages to capture that moment that encapsulates your greatest and most memorable day. Think how great it would be to include this app with your wedding invitations and have all of your friends contribute to the day. It's easy to use and even has the option of going straight to the upload section of the website if you don't have a smartphone. AppilyWed is a winner in my book.

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