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Published 11 Jan 2013

There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps out there doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things. And, given the exponential growth in the sale of smartphones and tablets over the last couple of years (as well as the seemingly insatiable desire to fill their devices with apps) it's starting to make excellent sense - and almost become essential - for every local business to have an online component. But how does the local person find the apps that are available within their community? AppLocal is an iOS app that's kinda like the AppStore for locals - the difference being that this one connects you purely with your local community.
AppLocal is a new and very useful discovery engine that makes it fun and easy to find location specific apps. It is great for finding apps that are relevant to your local area as well as being perfect if you were vacationing in an area that you didn't know very well. This app discovery application is the fastest way to find apps from the stores around your local neighborhood. With more and more local restaurants, retailers and cafes publishing their own branded apps in droves there had to eventually be a way of finding them easily. Just search the map and find all your local businesses with associated apps wherever you are. If you are a store owner you can distribute your app directly to the people you are trying to target, making it an excellent marketing and advertising opportunity. App publishers can now sponsor their apps based on their target market and location providing a unique opportunity to advertise to customers at the exact time and place that they are most likely to download and use the app. The app's key features include app recommendations based on your personal taste and interests and the augmented reality view to scan your local neighborhood and easily locate the stores around you. Now, when you see a business you like, you can download its app directly without having to search for it saving you plenty of search time.
To be quite honest, I have absolutely no idea which businesses around me have apps associated with them. Would I like to know? You bet, I would. Whether its a local coffee shop or the passport office it would be more than useful to use and view their app. AppLocal is an easy to use free tool that allows you to scan the area around you and take advantage of deals and specials that many apps contain. These businesses have invested in their app so they often offer excellent deals to encourage people to download their product. The advertising possibilities for publishers is a very interesting thing to consider too. Business is changing and we all seem to have smartphones these days. Put your local community on your iPhone now.

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