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Appmobile is a suite of Web 3.0 applications that combine the strengths of web, mobile, social ... More

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Published 14 Dec 2011

Gone are the days of Arthur Daley and whispers of "wanna buy a nice motor, mate?" The automotive business has well and truly moved into the 21st Century. AppMobile is an app for your Android or iPhone aimed fairly and squarely at the car dealers of the world and manages to combine the unique qualities of the web, mobiles, social networking and e-commerce in one powerful business solution tool.
Appmobile is a suite of Web 3.0 applications that combine the strengths of web, mobile, social media and e-commerce. These applications have powerful uses in the automotive segment for helping dealerships and auto service companies retain and attract customers. You can promote deals on both new and used vehicles using Appmobile's array of tools. Create your own location based coupons to stimulate old customers and encourage new business. Appmobile offers these leading edge applications at affordable rates utilizing a software-as-a-service model. Your enterprise interacts totally over the web via a secure login. There is no software to install and it is easy to set up and get started. And as an added bonus there's an emergency feature that shows the numbers to call in case of a crisi and even shows the latitude and longitude position of your car if others stolen.
There really aren't many apps being made that cater for the car dealerships of this world. AppMobile is a simple to use app that might just give the hard working car salesman that extra edge to sell more vehicles with promotions and coupons to generate new business and a number of general motoring oriented tools to make their life a little bit easier. I didn't notice one to rewind the mileage reading though...but that's probably a good thing. The life of the car dealer is a much maligned one...this free app makes it a little easier.

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