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Who needs Antiques Roadshow to value your treasured items?

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Do you have some antiques, collectibles or even a car that need appraising? There is no need to ... More

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Published 29 Aug 2017

I'm sure that, at some point, we've all watched an episode of Antiques Roadshow and been astonished at the value of some of the items that are brought in for appraisal. We might even have something at home ourselves that looks rather similar. Maybe it's worth a fair bit too. So, how do we find out the true worth of our treasured goods? Well, we could take it to an expert - but that's probably going to cost some serious cash and a lot of trust. We could always check out one of the online apps that are available - but you might well find you'll have to check several of them if you have different types of items for appraisal. I guess the other option is to find out when the next Antiques Roadshow is coming to town and hope for the best. But, don't worry about all that because now there's an easier and cheaper way.

Appraise-All is a new app for Android and iOS where, for a small fee, you can find an accurate value for pretty much anything you want appraised as long as it isn't buildings or land. This app connects you with experts in the field who will, upon receipt of a photo or two and a description of the goods, give you it's true value - based on the market conditions in the place where you live. It doesn't matter whether you have antiques, cars, artworks...