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Who needs Antiques Roadshow to value your treasured items?

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Published 29 Aug 2017

[cont'd] around $200 per item and the service here will set you back around $30, you can see that Apprais-All can save you a lot of money. However, please bear in mind that all Apprais-All values are calculated by certified appraisers of CPPAG.

Just to reiterate, Apprais-All's valuation service is a low cost appraisal format for people who don’t need the high cost and features of a Full Service Appraisal. The purpose of this type of valuation is for people who want to know what something is worth and not for insurance or legal purposes. However, if you find out that what you have is valuable, you may decide to have it insured. In this situation, there is an option in the app where you can request a legal report. Additional charges will apply but you will get a credit for what you spend on the app towards the full appraisal cost. The bottom line here is that Apprais-All is an easy to use app where you can find out the value of your treasured stuff - just as long as it isn't buildings or land - without having the hassle of downloading multiple apps. It's all here under one roof, so to speak. Apprais-All is available now for free download on iPhone, iPad and Android from the relevant App Store.