Developer description

Approprice distinguishes itself by taking shopping experience from Price comparison to real time Price Satisfaction with the help of unique Barcode scanning functionality so that anyone while shopping in stores can just scan UPC bar codes and get real time price comparison between Online Store Price Vs Offline Store prices and can instantly makeup his mind to purchase.

"Type Produce Name" feature is a cherry on the cake so that if any shopper don't get barcode to scan he can type the product name too to get the real time price check.

Approprice not only caters Mobiles price comparison but also have the option to compare prices of other essential products like baby products, clothes, watches, groceries, sunglasses, electronics, footwear, handbags, jewellery and other things.

Approprice works on 3 key steps "Just Scan Barcode - Compare Product Price - Then Buy"

Approprice is beyond Price Comparison. It's Price Satisfaction.

Last updated 12 Mar 2017

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