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Published 18 Jan 2014

There's a great temptation for new app developers to take a huge sigh of relief when they have got their app out there 'on the shelf,' so to speak. Many think that all the hard work has been done and its now time to reap the benefits. But, of course, it doesn't end there. How do you find out how your visitors perceive your app. Do they like it and see everything that you have to offer? Do they use it how it was intended? Where are the problems that might mean your visitors not returning? Appsee is an iOS analytics application for developers and publishers that delivers extensive data on your app's user experience and user behavior. It uses a simple in-app code to measure, understand and improve the user experience for your mobile app users.
Appsee is a simple yet very powerful new app that helps developers better understand how their users interact with their apps by providing an extensive user experience and user behavior analytics platform and analytics reports. These include visual in-app analytics consisting of user recordings, touch heatmaps and UI analysis. All it takes is to integrate the Appsee SDK into your iOS app with a single line of code - and it will take less than 1 minute to do it. This enables you to better understand your users' actions when using the app and optimizes it to increase visitor engagement, conversions from visitors to regulars and has the potential for...