Developer description

‘Have I mingled with anyone relevant to me today? Is there anyone important at today’s event I missed connecting with? Who is in this workspace that Aptlink can give me a quick Bio to start a conversation?’

‘Aptlink app is your new networking partner that tells you who is who, who does what, who needs what at your Events and Co-working spaces? Aptlink app arms you with instant Bio’s of the people around you to start a conversation, make important connections and sell your talents, ideas or Startup. Whether it’s at Events, Co-working Spaces or Business Lounges, Aptlink app is your efficient Wing-Person to help with your scaling, new clients, recruitment, employment, collaboration or investor objectives. Or just use it to make new friends.’

‘Why only immediate local connections? How many people have you connected with that you will never meet because of distance? How many times have you braved a networking event and left not knowing anyone? How many times have you wished you had a Bio of someone at the event to strike up a conversation to explore the connection further. Aptlink focuses on people you can actually meet in real life and people important to your goals.’

‘Professional Events? Co-working Spaces? Business Lounges? You can also discover all these based on your location increasing your chances of meeting likeminded people.’

Last updated 6 Dec 2018

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