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AQ™ is the first app to offer personalized mindfulness training using your unique biomarkers. In today's 24/7 digital world, being mentally fit can be the crucial difference between success and failure at work and play. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to improving your mental fitness. AQ™ tracks your mental states and customizes your training regime based on your specific needs.

Our simple-to-use mental fitness app has three basic steps that we’re all familiar with from our physical fitness training: TEST, TRAIN, TRACK.


AQ™ is the first global metric to measure and quantify your mental state by analyzing your brain and heart activities, all on your smartphone. The AQ™ test is a simple, four-minute mini meditation that captures a holistic view of your state of mind by measuring your Attention, Awareness, Rest, Introspection, Anxiety, and Somatics. Much like Intelligence Quotient (IQ), we measure you against everyone who’s taken the AQ™ test in order to generate the most accurate and unbiased quotient for you.


AQ™ helps you strengthen your mind, like a muscle, through personalized mindfulness trainings. The AQ™ Personalization Engine uses your AQ™ scores to curate your personalized trainings. No more browsing through reams of content and guessing what’s right for you. And, as your AQ™ scores change, our engine dynamically adjusts your training regime to ensure it is always in sync with your evolving mental fitness needs.

Mental Fitness Requires More Than Just Meditation.

Features of our mindfulness trainings:
*Include guided lessons, meditations, and written exercises.
*Developed by globally renowned teachers and neuropsychologists.
*Based on neuroscience, mindfulness, and psychology.
*Creates lasting emotional, physical, and mental benefits.


AQ™ offers personalized insights and key metrics to highlight valuable information related to your mental fitness and to track your ongoing progress. You can track your mental fitness with both real-time changes to your mental state from moment to moment as well as changes to your mental traits over mid- to long-term. As you train, our Insights engine bubbles up valuable and timely observations related to your mental fitness by analyzing your data, much like how an expert doctor would interpret your medical test results. Among other benefits, this allows you to observe patterns of your attention and learn how specific changes in your environment impact your mental states.


For Apple Watch users, AQ™ offers an additional feature - a Wellness Monitor that informs you if you are calm or anxious in real-time, 24/7. Our proprietary technology analyzes your continuous heart rate data from your Apple Watch to determine your wellness state. We automatically send you short content clips such as nature soundscapes, music, and breathing exercises in order to help you restore your mental state in real-time when you need it the most.

Last updated 24 May 2021

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