Developer description

AR-based mobile learning application that helps students gain knowledge in laboratory experiments from their smartphones.
Ar_Book allows you to significantly increase pupils' interest in learning subjects thanks to advanced technologies of AR elements for building 3D experiments. There are math, chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, and geography experiments.

The program with augmented reality elements enriches the learning process with the latest technologies, creating a unique combined interactive experience. Although augmented reality is rarely used in education, more and more teachers, researchers and developers are beginning to move towards interactive teaching methods.

1. The ability to conduct face-to-face experiments without equipment, regardless of the student's location.
2. The game form of presenting the material increases the involvement of students in the learning process.
3. Possibility to interact and influence the result of the experiment.
4. Increasing the level of knowledge due to express testing in the process of displaying the experiment.
5. This application can be a support tool for people with special needs who cannot attend public education institutions.
6. An aid tool for the transition to public educational institutions.
7. Binding to the subject, not to individual textbooks.
8. Analysis and collection of statistics on the learning process.

You can download AR_Book now at Google Play and Apple Store. Learning is more easy and more fun with interactive experiments on your smartphone!

Last updated 28 Jul 2022

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