Developer description

Do you dare to join an epic battle between magic and technology? Then Arcane Battles is a game for you - collect fantastic arcane creatures, powerful demons and steam machines, build your own army and make your way to the top!
Summon your friends to help you on the battlefield or see who is the strongest in our PvP Arenas.

Arcane Battles is FREE TO PLAY - you can enjoy it as long as you want and new content is always coming!

- Addictive and easy battle system - but can you truly master it?
- Collect hundreds of awesome monsters, magical creatures and machines!
- Explore vast world of Amysthar with over 250 dungeons to conquer!
- Battle your Facebook friends online in our Arenas!
- Summon other heroes to help you in combat and earn rewards!
- Use skills, tactics and wit - no battle is the same as the other!
- Participate in Tourneys, Cooperative Boss Raids and look for new hidden areas!

Last updated 28 Feb 2014

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