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Architect allows you to make your own content-drive app straight from your device and within ... More

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Published 30 Jan 2014

Well, you probably thought that your business was right up-to-date when you put your Facebook page together and, even more so, when you moved up to create your website. Nice work and congratulations to you. The only trouble is, the big thing at the moment is the app - and that cost a fair bit to put together, doesn't it? Maybe not. Architect is a new productivity application for Android and iOS that lets you create your very own media rich app in minutes without having to know even one line of complicated coding.
Architect is the first and only app that creates and publishes your apps through your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device. It allows you to make your own content-drive app straight from that device and within minutes. Architect provides small businesses and individuals with an easy and affordable way to compete with the big boys and create their own mobile apps - straight from their mobile device - and without having to do any programming. You can create you own app straight away by using and combining many pre-designed screen types and template options. This allows you to add lists, events, display detail information, photo galleries and feeds as well as plenty of other rich media. iGenApps will then create and  publish your app in their cloud servers within seconds and have it immediately ready for distribution and use. People will be able to use your app and know more about your business, service, or any information you are looking to share.
Probably the best things about Architect are it's ease-of-use and the fact that it puts small business and individuals on a level playing field when it comes to the app generation. With mobiles and tablets going through the roof these days it is becoming more and more essential for businesses of all sizes to have an app to keep even closer contact with their audience. And the developers believed that it was only fair that anyone and everyone should be able to create them cheaply and easily. Architect is able to create content-driven apps that make you a serious part of the mobile phenomena and expand your fans, followers, clients or customers even further.

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