Developer description

The “Are They Hooping” app was created by Ronald Jones Jr and was officially released in December 2017. This App is every hooper’s dream.

The “Are They Hooping” App makes arranging pickup basketball easy. This app displays hoopers playing on the map and it also includes a messenger feature to set up dates and times for hooping sessions.

A user chooses their profile picture and they are in charge of when they are displayed publicly on the map for their friends to see. There is also a newsfeed where players will submit pictures and the app will post their pictures for them.

It is a fun, safe and easy app to use! Please take the time to download and review the “Are They Hooping” app. Your review will be greatly appreciated!

Please contact us for the official press release for the "Are They Hooping" app.

Last updated 17 Apr 2018

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