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Armed Heroes Online, a free 3D MMORPG upcoming on the App Store

Are you still waiting for a massive multiplayer online game with magnificent background story, splendid real-3D scenes and fierce battles? This upcoming game Armed Heroes Online on App Store in June will finally satisfy all your needs!

It is a plane that dark and light fights against each other as one falls and another rises. When it comes this era, the light is fully swallowed by the darkness having the world lost in eternal night. You must find out what causes this, group with your friends to defeat the ancient god, and light the dead torch again.

In Armed Heroes Online, you can choose from four classes to start your journey: warrior, archer, wizard and necromancer, with dozens of passive/active skills to acquire and combine in different way. Your journey will go through dozens of stylish realms including cold rainforest, lava castle, rotten dark cave, etc. The prophet from old time will help you to figure out the destiny of this world. However, you must brave the challenge with the darkness god in ghostdom palace by your own in the end.

You will face hundreds of different monsters in your journey. To defeat them, you have to continuously improve your ability. There are over 150 thousands of equipments for you to arm yourself, or to strengthen these equipments to gain more power. Also, there are six gems contains divine power, which can greatly help you in monster killing along your journey.

If you want to challenge other people, the arena in king city should be the best place to go where you can join one-on-one battle, or temporarily ally with other players to fight against other allies. No weakness, no mercy. The jungle law, as the one and only rule, dominates the arena. The glory only belongs to the one standing at the end of battle!K

Of course, there are more things besides battles for you to do in game. You can join guilds and do fishing, cooking, forging and many other things with your friends, enjoying the time behind the war.

Armed heroes Online employs our self-developed engine and supports iOS/Android devices at the same time. It is a massive multiplayer online game, allowing you to play it anytime and anywhere with mobile network service, better with 3G and Wi-Fi.

The game will hit the App Store in June for free to download. Cannot wait? Be all eagerness to see this video first on Youtube,

Last updated 27 Jun 2012