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Have you Roo’d Today? aRoo, LLC launched a new iPhone app that tackles the battle people face ... More

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Published 23 Dec 2015

There was a time when folks used to always have a small notebook or a diary tucked away in their pocket wherever they went. It was vital to keep a note of all those important things like phone numbers and addresses and to write stuff down that you didn't want to forget. At home they might keep a scrapbook to paste in photos and the like or a travel log if they'd been on vacation. I wonder if anyone does that stuff anymore - especially when you can keep all that stuff and more on an app for your iPhone in your pocket. The curiously named aRoo is a new lifestyle app for iOS where you can document, remember, share, list and even rank all your life experiences as you go.

aRoo is like having a notebook in your pocket where you can capture and rank anything and everything you see and share your experiences with your friends. But, rather than having to fish around for a pen to take note of stuff, aRoo lets you quickly and easily keep track of all your favorite things and share them on your iphone or ipad as you move from place to place. You can use the app to list and rank new or favorite restaurants, when visiting new places and even if you want to just keep track of your favorite films, music or best sporting moments, if it comes to that. Your imagination is your only limitation.

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