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Arrange My Game is an online sports team management web app, that lets you quickly and easily ... More

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Published 31 Jan 2012

If you manage a sports team of some sorts you need all the help you can get. Despite the general perception of the public, most sports team management is done on a voluntary basis and team managers spend a lot of their own time (and money) trying to make sure that all aspects of your team runs smoothly for maximum team performance. ArrangeMyGame is a free sport management application that is just about to make life a lot easier for all sports management teams.
Arrange My Game is an online sports team management web app that lets you quickly and easily set up a team, arrange events and manage players. Its a sports organization app that keeps all your details in one place where you can store contact details (including photos for easy recognition,) venue information, player details and more! Then its easy to keep in touch with your team and supporters to organize fixtures, training sessions, social events and meetings through the easy-to-use web dashboard, email, social networks as well as text message! View all of your players in one place quickly and even rate their onfield performances. Invite new players to your team, check and assign existing players' roles such as manager, player, coach or follower and even their positions on the field. Set how many players or reserves you need and notify people of events and let players set their availability for events by sending a text or emailing their response! ArrangeMyGame's finances are taken care of too as you can keep track of costs by managing all of your outgoings and incoming money, including player subscriptions and event hire costs! You can create any type of event from games and training sessions to meetings, social events and tournaments and set essential details such as the date, time and duration. You can also set details such as the venue and opponents, as well as set shirt and bib colours.You can set automatic notifications to remind your team of the event, and set events to repeat every so often. All in all, and these are just a few of the functions that  ArrangeMyGame deals with, every aspect of your sport is covered and it's all free and easy to use.
As you can see from all that technical detail, ArrangeMyGame does far more than just arranging fixtures. It really is an all-encompassing sports management app that really does have all bases loaded - and, by the way, that pun was intended. If you organize football (soccer,) tennis, golf, rugby, basketball or any number of other sports then you really need to have a good look at ArrangeMyGame. It'll save a lot of time, money and paperwork.

*See also "TreasureEase" for another sports club management app.

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