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Automated seating plans for your special event in minutes

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ArrangeMySeat lets event organizers create a custom seating plan in minutes. They can then set ... More

Editor's review

Published 26 Apr 2012

Ive seen enough Real Housewives to know that one of the toughest things about event planning is the organization of seating arrangements for your guests. There's always a few disgruntled characters who don't get what they want and ruffle a few feathers with your designated planner. Arrange My Seat was developed to take the pain out of seat arrangements for your special event, whether it be a graduation, a banquet or a wedding and creates a seating plan in minutes. Need to split your guest list into different categories or get some information about your guests dietary habits? No problem - Arrange My Seat handles all that too.
ArrangeMySeat lets event organizers create a custom seating plan in minutes. They can then set up a custom event registration page that lets guests pick their seat. This organize app for your special event is ideal for weddings, banquets, galas and graduations (or any event that has a seat requirement if it comes to that) and helps event organizers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time working on the other important aspects of their event schedule. As every event handles guest registration a little differently ArrangeMySeat aims to be flexible for any event that has a seating requirement and you can easily change the type of guest registration for your event from manual to self service so that customers can choose their own seats. Even in self service mode you can still access all the information for the customer that calls you up at short notice or doesn't wish to register online.
An automated self service seating list for your special event will save a lot of time and money - not to mention the sanity of the event organizer. Apart from dealing with individual guests with individual concerns there are also RSVP's to reply to as well as individual dietary wishes. You can even set your own questions in there too to clarify things even more. For US$75 per created event Arrange My Seat takes all that out of the equation allowing guests to record their information individually. Many guests actually prefer to choose their own seating and dietary arrangements themselves just like they can when booking a plane trip. So no more Real Housewives dilemmas - just make sure you don't put Jill and Ramona anywhere near each other.

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