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Published 8 Feb 2013

[cont'd] at the helm - has had his day in the sun and it's time for him to move upstairs in favor of a new manager with new ideas. Or maybe you want to ask the question of why he has sold so many of his stars over the years to teams that have gone on to be very successful. Where Arsenal are concerned, there are always plenty of questions to be asked. You can read the Arsenation blog anytime and wherever you are in a mobile friendly format, keep up-to-date with the live Twitter and Facebook streams and browse the Arsenation Store for a customized smartphone cover.
Arsenation probably isn't the bee-all and end-all of Gunners apps but it does have a lot of heart and soul about it. It's very simple to use and the red and white looks great on the Android. As I mentioned earlier, soccer fans are some of the most fervent supporters of them all and there are few quite as passionate about their club as Gunners fans. If you are an Arsenal fan in London you are saturated with news about your favorite club anyway but for those of us that live far away from the melting pot that is the EPL, Arsenation is a good place to start with the Gunner addiction. Besides, somebody obviously had a good sense of humor when they came up with the name!!!