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Embroidery is the art or handmade items of designing material or other components with hook and line or string. Embroidering may also integrate other components such as metal pieces, pearl jewelry, drops, quills, and sequins. Embroidering is most often recommended for hats, hats, layers, bedding, dress tops, jeans, tights, and golf tops. Embroidering is available with a wide range of line or string color.

A attribute of embroidery is that the basic methods or stitching of the first work chain stitching, buttonhole or cover stitching, running stitching, silk stitching, cross stitch,remain the fundamental methods of side embroidery today.Machine embroidery, coming up in the beginning of the Commercial Trend, imitates side embroidery, especially in the use of sequence stitching, but the "satin stitch" and hemming stitching of device perform rely on the use of several discussions and look like side perform in their appearance, not their construction.

Last updated 3 Oct 2012

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