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Do you want to draw and paint but lack the skills?

Learning to draw develops observational skills, hand-eye coordination and patience. It gives a person an immediate way to see accomplishment for hard work.The proof is right there on the paper. Learning to draw is also a basic skill that can be applied to other forms or art. Drawing is creative, instructive and fun hobby but for a newbie it can be frustrating as it takes a lot of practise before one learns to transfer her artistic visions to the paper.
Luckily there are some tools that help to trace the contours of a model picture and these tools are not just for newbies but also the old master artists used similar methods like camera lucida already hundreds of years ago.

Artist's Eye application helps you to draw or paint with real pen or pencil to paper or canvas.
Choose model picture and watch your drawing or painting through the phone or tablet.
Model picture will be shown semi-transparent on the top of your ongoing drawing helping you to outline the contours. A bit same way as with camera lucida obscura already hundreds of years ago.

Unleash your creativity and surprise your friends by becoming an excellent visual artist. This is not cheating but a new way of working and learning as well.

This awarded art application is available for Android devices for free.

Last updated 6 Dec 2015

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