Developer description

ArtPort is a digital portfolio-building platform and collaboration network for artists. Think of it as the LinkedIn for creative types. ArtPort is dedicated to helping artists connect, collaborate and develop both professionally and artistically. Connecting with other creators can be difficult. And getting people to your website can be even harder. That’s where we come in. ArtPort is a space for artists to meet other makers, doers, and creators. Sharing your work has never been easier. ArtPort puts the Internet to work for you, aggregating all of your content from across the web into a beautiful, digital portfolio.
Whether you have music from SoundCloud or video from YouTube, we streamline your digital presence in just a couple clicks. Need a director for your music video? Or, a copywriter to put words to your images? Maybe you need both. ArtPort allows you to connect with artists of all mediums so you can find the talent you need to make your next project a reality.

Last updated 30 Apr 2015

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